Friday, May 13, 2016

Political Horse Race
Gwine to run all day!
Gwine to run all night!
I’ll bet my money on de bobtail nag-
Somebody bet on de bay.
Stephen Foster (1826-1864)  Campton Races

Leading on in the inside is the Filly,  Hillary.
She’s the odds-on favorite.
A Filly has never won before,
Anyway, Obama trained her,
And Bill sired her.
But she seems to be fading
In the final home stretch.
Closing fast, on the outside,
are two Studs, Donald and Bernie.
Donald has speed and momentum,
But his jockey may be too conservative.
Bernie has an inexperienced jockey,
and may be  too far outside,
to close the gap of the favorite.
Meanwhile in the Press Box,
Two racing form pundits,
Jeff B.W.Post and Mark Z Facebook,
have raised the odds for the Filly,
and stacked the odds against the Stud.

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