Saturday, May 7, 2016

Donald Trump:  Capitalist
Politicians and diapers must  be changed often, and for the same reason..
Mark Twain
What Donald Trump has accomplished is astonishing.   The 69 year old reality TV star, billion dollar real estate mogul, and relentless self-promoter has turned the American political establishment upside-down and emerged as the GOP presidential nominee.

Tapping into Voter Anger
He has done so tapping into voter anger and distrust of politicians and sense of betrayal by the political establishment.    He has blasted the establishment’s competence on immigration, trade, and foreign affairs.  He has left in his wake 16 defeated GOP politicians, and he has only one politician, a Democrat, to go. His message is traditional politicians cannot be trusted and the political order must change.
Trump Tactic: Capitalism Capitalizes
How has Trump done what he has done?
He has hewed to the principle of capitalism:   capitalism capitalizes.   Donald Trump is a quintessential capitalist.  A capitalist takes advantage of his strengths and turns weaknesses of his opponents to his advantage.
Deep Disdain for Politicians
Trump has capitalized on the deep disdain of the American people for politicians – left and right, Democrats and Republican.  As Abraham Lincoln said,”Politicians are a set of man who have interests aside from the interests of the people, and who, say the most of them, who are, taken as a mass, at least a long step removed from honest men.” This disdain manifests itself as inarticulate anger.
Calling Himself a Non-Politician
Trump has capitalized on this anger by calling himself a non-politician, as one in sync with the people.   He describes politicians as venal and corrupt, as tools of their moneyed backers.   The latter is why his frequent message that he funding his own campaign sells so well.
Action Not Words
Trump has capitalized on his experience as a television personality on the show “You’re fired.”    In that role he was decisive.     He was straight talking.  He took no prisoners.  He was a man of few words, of action not talk.
Marketing Genius
Trump has capitalized on his understanding of the demands of marketing and the information age, that you must be seen and heard everywhere, that you must be repetitive, that you must take advantage of the social media.  According to Governor Perry of Texas,   “Trump is a marketing genius.”  To market himself, he has made himself available to everybody who sought to interview or write about him.  He has let the media market him without spending his own money.
Unpredictable Negotiator
Trump has capitalized on his reputation as an unpredictable negotiator.   Refer often to your book, The Art of the Deal,  which you say, is the second bestselling book of all time, next to the Bible.   His next book may be "The Art of the Insult," with a subtitle "How to Belittle Your Opponents." Never show your hand in advance.   Be flexible.  Be inconsistent when necessary, whatever the situation demands. Mix conservatism with liberalism.    With health care, be sympathetic with the idea of universal coverage, but say you will repeal ObamaCare.    Proclaim that health care is one of the three responsibilities of government, along with security and education.   But maintain market competition is more effective than government in covering more people.  Say you are against unlimited abortion but you are for the good works of Planned Parenthood.
Make America Great Again
Trump has capitalized on his pro-American stance.  Six days after Romney lost; he trademarked his slogan, “Make America Great Again.”   He constantly announces American must and will win again.    He has borrowed a leaf from the Reagan playbook by expressing optimism about America’s future, if, or course, America builds a wall, brings jobs back to America, strikes hard business deals with allies and asks them to pay for their defense.
Ideological Earthquake and Establishment Consuming Fire
According to Charles Krauthammer, Trump has created an “ideological earthquake.”  According to Peggy Noonan Trump  has lit an ideological  fire that has consumed the left and right political establishments.   He has done this by capitalizing on the anti-establishment fury over stagnant wages, a slow growth economy, and immigrants and foreign governments taking American jobs.   He has transformed the GOP from a conservative party to a populist party.    He has helped transform the Democratic Party into a far left socialist party. 
The Campaign Ahead
One thing is for sure.    Trump has changed American politics forever, thanks in part to one singular individual who has capitalized on the public distrust  of government and political parties to deliver on their its promises  and to match government benefits  to the taxes being demanded.  Get ready for a hideous, horrible campaign to sort out the future from the past. Brace  yourself.  Get ready for a hideous, horrible, belittling, presidential campaign that will end  national politic- as -we-know it.

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