Saturday, February 27, 2016

What Manner of Man
What manner of man is this Donald Trump,
When on his back Rubio and Cruz jump.
What kind of political genius,
Brings together voters heterogeneous.
What kind of man versed in real estate deals,
Know so much about how the voter feels,
What manner of man to the manor born.
Can upon rivals less well off heap such scorn,
Is it because he is  using his own  dime,
While accusing other rich of high tax crime.
It takes rare mix of social intelligence,
Combined  with blatant  belligerence,
 And pure intuition and impure insults,
To get the desired election results.
Some describe his strategy as chutzpah,
Others  to his knowledge of the bourgeois,
When political  push comes to shove,
Trump understands all of the above.

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