Thursday, February 4, 2016

Facts about Physician Assistants

·         Eugene Stead, MD, Professsor of Internal Medicine at Duke,  assembled first class in 1965.


·         There are now 108,500 PAs.   67% are women, 87% are white,  and their average age is 38, and 22% speak another language than English.


·         There are 199 programs across U.S.   Requires Masters degree to enter.  


·         Nationally certified and state licensed.


·         Under physician supervision, can conduct physical exams, order tests, diagnose illness, develop treatment plans,  perform procedures,  order preventive tests, assist in surgery.


·         Help relieve physicians  of time-consuming burdens.


·         Earn $95,000 on average, or $45 per hour, and have debts of $112,500.


·         Profession growing fast, one of most desirable jobs in numerous surveys.


·         Accepted well by physician supervisors and patients.

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