Sunday, February 28, 2016

How Would You Like Your Eggs, Sir?
An unhatched egg is to me the greatest challenge in life.
E.B. White (1899-1985), American Essayist

I had a dream last night. I was in a bistro.  This exchange took place.
Waitress:  How you like your eggs, Sir?
Me:   A single egg, please. What are my choices?
Waitress:  It depends on what cook is in.
Me:  Who are the cooks, and what are their specials?
Waitress:  Well, with Rubio, it’s Sunny-Side Up.  With Cruz, it’s Ranchero, Dark-Side Up.  With Clinton, it’s Once-Over-Lightly.  With  Sanders, it’s European-Omelette.   And with Donald Trump,  it’s American Scrambled.
Me:  Who’s in?
Waitress:  At the moment, it looks like Clinton and Trump.
Me:  How long will the Once-Over Lightly  and American Scrambled Take?
Waitress:  I don’t know.   The egg hasn’t hatched yet.

Me:   Do you have a Left-Over Obama-Omelette?

Waitress:  No, it was not selling, and we had to break too many eggs to make it.

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