Friday, December 11, 2015

The Establishment Is in Eyes of Beholder

There’s been a lot of talk floating around these days on the evils of “The Establishment.” The Establishment is any existing. dominant power structure in society, their customs or the institutions that represent them.

To Donald Trump, the Establishment is represented by the current leaders of the Republican Party. Trump tells us he used to be part of that establishment before he decided to run for president. Now they are against him, and he will desert them and the Party unless he is treated unfairly, i.e., doesn’t get the nomination.

To Republicans, the Establishment is the Obama administration, its various federal agencies, and Democrats who back that administration.

To the U.S. public, the Establishment is the collection of “powers that be” as represented by the collective government President, Congress, the political parties, lobbyists, and special interests, in Washington, D.C. Various critics have said D.C. stands for Debate and Confusion, Darkness and Confusion, or simply District and Confusion.

I once explained the D.C. Establishment in verse.

The Establishment is that place called D.C.

That terrible, wicked capitol city,

D.C. stands for Darkness and Confusion,

D.C. stands for Dimness and Collusion

To most of us ordinary mortals, the Establishment has come to represent any organization –political, business, or social that doesn’t represent my point of view or doesn’t do anything to advance my agenda.

Whatever your definition or point of view, your Establishment has fallen on bad times and is held in disrepute as indicated by these latest Real Clear Politics polls, which represent an average of multiple national polls.

• Presidential job approval, approve 43.8%, disapprove 52.2%, spread -8.4%

• Congressional job approval, approve 12.0%, disapprove 75.8%, spread -63.8%

• Direction of country, right track 24.5%, wrong track 67.3%, spread -42.8%

• General Generic Leaning , Democrat, 45.7%, Republican 51.4%, spread -5.7%

• Health Care Law, approve 42.5%, disapprove 50.2%, spread -7.7%

The general sentiment among Americans on the Establishment they favor is: “Don’t just sit there. Do something. Alter the balance of power. Represent my point of view.”

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