Thursday, December 31, 2015

Obama Political Dictionary
This being the last day of 2015, with 7 years down for the Obama and 1 year to go, this seems a good time for definitions of what he and his administration have been all about.
·         Obamanology -  President Obama’s transformative and transcendental progressive philosophy. 

·         Obamanation-   President Obama’s beliefs in action – that the United States is not an exceptional nation,  that it  is not the world’s policeman, that it ought to withdraw from all wars,  that it ought to placate and emphasize with one’s enemies,  and that it ought to lead the world “from behind,” and that it ought invest in domestic infrastructure rather than in foreign affairs.   An unfortunate term because of its close kinship to the word “Abomination” and misleading implication that the President’s policies are a mess.

·         Obamanite – A  follower of President Obama, such as Valerie Jarrett and close advisors in the White House bunker, not be confused with former Secretaries of Defense – Leon Panetta,  Robert Gates, and Chuck Hagel – all of whom resigned and wrote negative books about their White House experiences. 

·         ObamaCare -  Popular name for health care law,  The Patient Protection and Affordability Act, also known as the ACA,  a convoluted hybrid combination of government and private interests,  designed to take effect in 10 years,  and unanimously  opposed by Republicans  also by a clear majority of Americans in multiple national polls.

·         ObamaScare  Tactics deployed by opponents of ObamaCare,  focusing on its broken promises of keeping your doctor and health plan,   escalating premiums and deductibles,  narrowed choices of consumers,  cost overruns,   bureaucratic complexities,  and leaving 30million to 35 million uninsured. 

·         ObamaFair – A term highlighting President Obama’s frequent comment that all he seeks with ObamaCare and other policies  that everyone pay their “fair share,” especially the rich, upper middle class, and American businesses,  and that all outcomes for all Americans would  be equal and fair with his income redistribution  policies.

·         Obamanomics -  Obama economic policies,  featuring high taxes on the “rich,”  the highest corporate income taxes in the world,  multiple regulations, and slow economic growth if necessary.

·         Obamanemisis  -  Jonathon Gruber,  MIT economist,  originally  said by Democrats, but  later denied,  to be close economic advisor and architect of ObamaCare,  who  asserted  in videos before multiple audiences that Obama and advisors intended for federal government, not states,  to run all exchanges and that health plans was not designed to have patients retain their original doctors and health plans.

·         Obamalateral – Refers to  President Obama’s  unilateral executive actions bypassing Congress and Constitution,  and  lateralling  controversies to Supreme Court. 

·         Obamatechwreck-  Colloquial expressions  referring to catastrophic launch and glitches  in October 2013 of health exchanges  resulting from inept health information management and lack of dry run prior to launch.  Also used when referring to Montana Senator Max Baucus warning before launch of an impending “train wreck.” Baucus and other Senators either resigned or failed to run in subsequent elections, leading to GOP control of Senate.  Baucus is now ambassador to China.

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