Friday, December 25, 2015

Have a Warm and Merry Christmas

You, yes, You:   have a Warm and Merry Christmas.

It’s seventy degrees in this New England isthmus.

In New Orleans they say when it’s hot and sultry,

That’s the ideal time to commit adultery.

But Old Saybrook, Connecticut isn’t New Orleans.

Not by any stretch of the mind or other means.

And  I want to keep my wife,

And preserve my current life.

But enough of this idle chitter chatter

Let’s get down to the heat of the matter.

The mercury here is forty degrees above the norm

Is this hot spell a sign of a coming apocalyptic storm?

Is it  a warning global  climate change  has   arrived?

Will we of Christmas snow be forever  deprived?

Has this heat  wave made me balmy willy nilly?

Do I have heat stroke that had made me silly?

I know not but I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.

It has never happened during any  Christmas past.

So have a warm and merry Christmas day,

Have a red-hot holiday.


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