Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Obama Legacy?

Will he be considered a world leader who slowed climate change and saved the planet from ecological disaster, or a false prophet of its relative lack of impact that could be attributed to normal cyclic changes?

Will he be
conceived of as the President who voluntarily withdrew from world leadership and lost the Middle East to Iran and the Far East to China?

Will he be deemed a savior who saved U.S. from a catastrophic depression or a sluggard who slowed economic recovery through a lack of understanding of market forces, and the effect of higher taxes and burdensome regulations?

Will he be thought of as a visionary who transformed U.S. towards a fair and equitable health system, or as an unrealistic agent of unworkable changes causing its disruption, instability, shift of costs to middle class, and an unsustainable national debt?

Only one thing is for sure, what will be will be.

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