Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Reaction to Gruber’s Written Testimony Before Congress

It is what I am, not what I am not.


This morning, in his written testimony before Congress, Jonathon Gruber explained:

What he is.

“I am a professor of economics at MIT.”

What he did.

“I ran a microstimulation model to help those in state and federal branches to better access the likely outcomes and various policy options.”

What he is not.

“I am not a political advisor nor a politician. ..I did not draft Governor Romney’s health care plan, and I was not the “architect “ of president Obama’s health care plan..I am not an expert on politics . I am not an elected official, nor am I a political advisor.”

Well, what is he?

He collected upwards of $6 million for giving advice and counsel to the state and federal government. In the course of his consulting activities, Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi and President Obama, gave him credit for being "the man" on health reform. He made 19 visits to the White House, and he testified before Congressional committees.

In his written testimony, he apologizes for his gaffes, insults, negative comments, and lack of transparency and outright deceptions behind the implementation of ObamaCare and the “stupidity “ of American voters.

This approach, he said, was essential to get the health law passed.

Gruber poses as a Forrest Gump sort of expert, an idiot savant on computer algorithms, who was oblivious of what others thought or were impacted. He simply developed an microstimulation model of what would happen if one passed a health law remodeling a health system that effected one-sixth of the U.S. economy, that redistributed wealth among Americans, and that represented a one-side political agenda. He did nothing more,, nothing less.

Gruber is hoping and praying American voters will naively accept what he is, what he did, what he did not do, and that they will accept the notion that he innocently and accidentally happened to help weave a political web in which false political promises and a progressive ideology trapped, snarled, and entangled the American people into something that did not understand and would not have accepted had they understood.

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