Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Book Notes

Just a brief note to let you know I have two E-Kindle books you might want to read and order on Amazon. Right now, with the newly elected Republican majority , the Gruber testimony before Congress, and the prospective of a possible negative Supreme Court decision denying subsidies on federal health exchanges, ObamaCare is undergoing a rough political patch.

1) Understanding ObamaCare (Westbow Press), an E-Kindle book (Amazon).
The book describes the virtues, faults, and vulnerabilities of ObamaCare and why it may end up being repealed, replaced, or significantly transformed to meet the wishes of the American people, who oppose it by a current margin of 57% to 39%.

1) Direct Pay Independent Practice – Medicine and Surgery (E-Kindle book), $9.77 Amazon
An explanation of why health consumers are turning to direct pay concierge practitioners and ambulatory surgery centers for more convenient, economical, personal , prompt, and understandable health care without insurance and bureaucratic obstacles to care, and why ObamaCare health exchanges, with their high premiums, deductibles, and co-payments make direct pay medicine and surgery offer a reasonable alternative to current health plans.

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