Monday, July 8, 2013

What Murphy’s Law and Obama’s Law Share in Common and How They Differ
Murphy Law: If anything can go wrong, it will.
 Saying, attributed to Major Edward A. Murphy (1918-1990), an American aerospace engineer who oversaw and designed safety-critical systems for the National Space Agency (NSA)
The following  word lists are for commentators on Obamacare’s failures and successes, for those groping for  words to describe its implantation problems, and for those who wish to comment on its progress in this world of partisan differences.
·         What Murphy's Law and Obama's Law  share, tendency for things to go wrong under their guidance, oversight, and leadership, as expressed in these  three word combinations.

Glitches, switches, hitches
Bumps, humps, stumps
Stumbles, tumbles, fumbles
Unspeakables,  untweakables, unreachables
Flaw, pause, flawed-cause
Falls, stalls,  sprawl
Mistakes, breaks, brakes
Errors, terrors, stretcher-bearers
Faults, defaults, halts

How Murphy's Law and  Obama's Law differ,  in their spheres of influence and  when things go right.

           Political, analytical, hypocritical
           Space, place, base
          Congresses, promises, accomplices
          Ideological, philosophical,  methodilogical
         Engineer, commandeer, cavalier
        Macro-systems, micro-systems,  non-systems
        Presidential, providential, reverential
       Pretension, prevention, dissention
       Benefits, deficits, limits
       Consequences, discontents, circumvents

Tweet:  This blog post is for writers who seek to describe similarities and differences between Murphy’s Law and Obama’s health care law.

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