Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Big Data and Human Judgement

Notable and Quotable: "Big Data Hasn’t Changed Everything,"  Philip Delves Broughton, author of The Art of the Sale: Learning from  the Masters about the Business of Life, WSJ, July 2, 2013
“Data has been big for a while now and is getting exponentially bigger.  But we shouldn’t feel inadequate because we rely on our animal traits like gut,  intuition, bias.   Technology has a long way to go in mapping the variables of human life.  And the moment it starts  to feel like tyranny we have one lethal weapon in our arsenal.  It is called the off switch.
To which I would add.
Don't trust Big Data to replace human judgment.
Which remains the basis of all human fundament.

Tweet:  Big Data isn't all that sweet when it comes to resolving human dilemmas.