Saturday, July 27, 2013

Obamacare: Those For and Against
The phrase "you're either with us, or against us" and similar variations are used to depict situations as being polarized and to force witnesses, bystanders, or others unaligned with some form of pre-existing conflict to either become allies of the speaking party or lose favor. The implied consequence of not joining the team effort is to be deemed an enemy.

Those For
President Obama, advisors, and supporters
Minorities and people of color
Teachers unions
Mainstream media
New York Times
Female bloggers
Majority of women
Comedy website, “Funny or Die”
Washington National’s mascot, Teddy Roosevelt
Silicon Valley
Hollywood and showbiz  celebrities
Upper West Side residents
Residents of Washington, D.C. and suburb
Upper crust ideologues
Blue State residents
Inside Beltway residents
Advocates of wealth redistribution to achieve equality

Those Against
Most Independents
Public at large
Two-thirds of state governors and legislatures
The young uninsured
The working and nonworking middle class
Majority of men
Talk radio hosts
Wall Street Journal
Citizens living outside Beltway
Labor Unions – AFL-CIO, Teamsters, IRS Unions
Congresspersons and staffs
Small and Medium Businesses
Most practicing physicians
Red State residents
Advocates of economic growth to lift all boats
Tweet:  Those for and against Obamacare fall into categories of skin color, color of politics, gender, business, union status, place of  residence

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