Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Sequester

How bad, pray tell, will be the dreaded sequester
It is of the total  budget only a 2.4 % cutting measure ,
It is not Armageddon or draconian,
But to the true blue Washingtonian.
It is an ominous political harbinger.

How dare they question our nobler intentions?
How dare they engage in federal interventions?
How dare they criticize government spending?
Everything we do is bleeding heart rendering,
To this largess there should be no abstentions.

When it comes to the question of sequestrations,
We aim to close tight the richs' tax fenestrations,
We seek to protect government takers,
They seek to enrich the profit-makers.
To us government is the final salvation.

 But how can President Obama explain the sequester concept?
When everyone knows it came from Obama and the left?
Bob Woodward notes Obama proposed and promoted it,
Never believing in the the real world  it would ever hit .
It’s easy – he can blame the compassionately bereft.

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