Friday, February 22, 2013

Notable and Quotable:  ObamaCare Survival Guide, Nick J. Tate, Humanix  Books, 2013
Preface: The following quote is from the paperback book, The Obamacare Survival Guide, which has risen to second place In the  Advice, Miscellaneous Category. The book is an explanation of and an argument against Obamacare.
“While ObamaCare has angered a significant portion of the American people (especially seniors), the anger among doctors is palpably strong.  In a poll conducted in 2010 for the Physicians Foundation, 40 percent said they would ‘retire, seek a non-clinical job in healthcare or seek a job unrelated to healthcare” during the next three years. Fears of an acute doctor shortage, which existed prior to ObamaCare, have only been exacerbated by the new late.  The anger of doctors in understandable as ObamaCare reduced their earning potential, by, for instance, putting new restraints on payment s rates in Medicare.   In a large sense, the law represents an ideological assault on the current fee-for-service system – the foundation of most doctors’ earnings. New payments system like Accountable Care Organizations (ACOS) might not hurt doctors financially, but there is a big risk they will, leaving them with lower incomes to pay off medial school student loan debts that are among the highest in the world.

Critics of Obamacare assert that the new law will decrease the quality and number of American doctors, and do so at a time when their services will be more in demand than ever before.  If their prediction comes, true, the consequences for healthcare in the United States would be disastrous.  Not only would it become much harder to find a doctor, the price you have to pay for their services could risk significantly.
While it’s unlikely that four out of every 10 doctors will actually leave their profession because of Obamacare (survey claims about future behavior  rarely match reality), some departures  might occur. If even one of 10 doctors decided they don’t want participate in the new system it will be a low to quality and availability of healthcare in the United States.”
Tweet: According to the book  ObamaCare Survival Guide, American doctors are angry at the new law and significant numbers may cease practice.

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