Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Notable and Quotable: “Philosophy of Data,” by David Brooks, Op-Ed columnist, February 4, New York Times
“If you asked me to describe the rising philosophy of the day, I’d say it is data-ism. We now have the ability to gather huge amounts of data. This ability seems to carry with it certain cultural assumptions — that everything that can be measured should be measured; that data is a transparent and reliable lens that allows us to filter out emotionalism and ideology; that data will help us do remarkable things — like foretell the future.”

My comment or perhaps I should say, “my lament.”

I am skeptical everything is quantifiable,
Some things are simply subjectiviable.
This to me this fact seems undeniable,
Feelings and intuition may be unreliable,
But total reliance on data is unjustifiable .
Not everything is verifiable.
Se we must remain pliable.