Friday, February 15, 2013

New Voice of Health Reform Book
My new book, The Physicians Foundation – A New Voice for Physicians, is now available for $19.95 in soft cover.   This book is the 2nd in a series of 12 books under the umbrella title of New Voice of Health Reform: The 3Rs – Rhyme, Rhetoric & Reality. 
As the title implies, there may appear to be  no rhyme or reason for some reform changes,  and the rhetoric from on high often exceeds the realities on the ground. New voices are needed to capture what is transpiring and how to respond to it.
Volume discounts are available should you want to order multiple copies. For more information,  call Bronwon at RJ Julia book store in Madison, Connecticut at 1-203-245-3959 or contact her at  The book may be available at a book store near you, if that store has an Espresso book machine.
As most physicians know and appreciate,  the medical practice world is in a frenzied period of profound transformation, much of it digitally based and much of it driven by government or large integrated health organizations.    Both formal government forces,  aka the Affordable Care Act, and informal market forces are works in progress. Both seek to lower costs, enhance  efficiency, and improve the health and longevity of Americans within the context of our culture.  
As of now, I have two other books on the immediate drawing board – The Physician Culture and the American Culture,  and Primary Care and Specialty Care: Commonalities and Differences.  I will be announcing when they are available.

Richard L. Reece, MD

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