Monday, November 7, 2016

New York Times Ridicules Trump

New York Times Ridicules Trump

Well, it’s one day before the election.  The New York Times,  the Bible of Progressives,  is taking its final shots at Donald Trump, portraying him as a dangerous demagogue while praising Hillary Clinton as a demigod destined to save America’s future in a dangerous world.

To wit:

·         Farah Stockman and Nick Corasanti : “The Steep Costs of Bitter Barbs: Global Prestige.”

“America’s image stands tarnished in the eyes of itw own people and the world…Rarely has its political system subjected to such widespread scorn and ridicule…In Europe 85% of people in a recent Pew Research poll have no confidence in Mr.Trump doing the right thing regarding world affairs.’ “

·         Frank Bruni:  “Why This Election Terrifies Me”

“The America on display on this election  isn’t a fair and ethical place and it seethes with hatred…His incendiary words and unconscionable  silences give a green light to bad actors; the anti-Semites who harassed Jewish journalists on Twitter; the white nationalists who threated to intimidate minorities at the polls; the misogynists  who hurled inprintable slurs at Clinton.”

·         Nicholas Kristoff: “Reasons to Sy: ‘I’m With Her,’ “

“There are strong grounds to vote for Clinton regardless of her opponent. ..Of course, for many, the greatest appeal for Clinton is that she’s not Trump.   He simply falls outside the norms:  A Fraudster who seems a racist, who has cheated people at Trump University and regularly through his career, who boasts of sexual assaults and whom 17  women have accused to improper behavior, who has flip-flopped 138 times by one count and who lies every 5 minutes by another, and who has less public servie than any incoming present in history.”

·         Times  editorial board” ”Imagining the Country on Nov.9.”

“It is a history of coded-race baiting that puts the Republican establishment in lock-step with the Alt-right, the Ku-Klux Klan; the racists and misogynists and nut jobs…For some it simply Clinton hatred that allow them to jusifiy support for a candidate that stands for torture, reckless war, hatred of women, immigrants, refugees, people of color, people with disabilities.  A sexual predator a business fraud who runs on a promise to destroy millions of immigrants and to jail his opponent.”

Had enough of left-wing hatred and Trump character assassination.  I have.

In its characteristic fashion,  The Times, its reporters, and columnists fair to mention:

·         The slowest economic recovery from a recession in 49 years,  with no annual growth of 3 %.

·         94 million Americans who have quite looking for work.

·         The highest business profit tax in the world which has caused corporations to park $3 trillion overseas because of the absurd 35% tax on corporate profits.

·         A doubling, even an sextupling of health care premiums accompanied by unaffordable deductions with less choice of providers,  and an explosive doctor shortage.

·         An angry voiceless American middle class crushed by a stagnant economy and for frozen wages who feel a loss of liberty and freedom  under an administration and a successor who vows even more relations and higher taxes.

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