Wednesday, November 9, 2016

21 Reasons Why Trump Won Election

The American people had grown sick and tired of:

1.  Of being talked down to in condescending, contemptuous, and deplorable terms.

2.  Of being told what to do, how to live, and how to think.

3.  Of being called bigots, racists, sexists, misogynists and for being belittling for using "politically incorrect language of for simply being evangelicals and Catholics.

4.   Of being regarded as "stupid" about politics; as one millenial in Nevada commented for not joining a health exchange that charged twice what it would cost for simply paying a mandated penalty, "We may be young.    We may be healthy.   But we are not stupid."

5.  Of being incapable of  understanding the nuances of politics and money and federal control.

6. Of being over-regulated and over-taxed and over-controlled  by centralized bureaucrats in Washington.

7.Of being mandated to pay financial penalties for not being insured in order to pay for the care of the sick and elderly.

8. Of being promised explicitly and falsely by the President that they could keep their doctor, health plan, and hospital  ant that where premiums would be $2500 less for a family.

9. Of being told that gainful full-time employment would steadily and inevitably rise even though 95 million Americans had quit looking for a job.

10.Of being deprived of the opportunity to choose their own doctor and health plan or that they would only have the choice of one or two health plans.

11. Of being unable to shop for health care outside of narrow networkds and plans outside of their state of residence.

12.  Of not being informed that every region of the country ultimtely had to have a homogeneous standard of care.

13.  Of being lectured that because of the global economy their wages would be leveled or frozen through integration and trade agreements or that thier job might be eleminated.

14.  Of being instructed that America was not longer an exceptional nation of freedom and opportunity and its neo-colonial nature should be a subject for apology.

15.Of being told that a systemic war on women was being waged by American men.

16. Of being conditioned to believe that independent physicians , acting alone without third party guidance, were incapable of delivering high quality care and must be replaced by teams of data-driven supplemented "providers".

17. Of being informed that only the media, political, academic, financial, or management "establishments  had the wherewithal and know-how to do what was best for the health of the American people.

18.  Of being indoctrinated with the concept that a coalition of vocal  minorities could dominate and silence a mute majority.

19,  Of being told that a combination of solar, wind, and electrical cars would  could supplant American fossil fuels as a source of  affordable energy for American households.

20. Of being pounded with the idea that ordinary blue collar workers  lacked the common sense and technical skills to build and sustain an entrepreneurial, innovative, and fair and balanced  capitalitstic  economy for the common good.

21.   Of being divested of the fact that the greatest compromise of the western world,  the U.S. Constitution, with its checks and balances, still is the best instrument for serving a diverse democracy.

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