Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Red, White, and Blue

Imagine the United States as a red sea with blue coasts and scattered islands of blue.

The sea is turbulent with white -waves splashing up against the blue coasts and engulfing or threatening to swallow  islands of blue.

Imagine these environmental scene in political terms over the last 8 years and the changes it has wrought.  Under Obama, there are 11 fewer Senate sets, 60 House seats,  14 fewer governorships, and 900 fewer seats in state legislatures.  Now that is a sea change. 

Turning the red seat blue again will be difficult.  It will call for changing Middle America's attitudes towards centralized government.   It will pit the forces of prosperity against the forces of equality.  It will call for Americans to trust Wall Street,  progressives,  academics,  and the elite more than their gut and desire for a place in the sun again.   It will be the desire for choice,  freedom,  and opportunity against mandates, controls, and regulations.  It will require Democrats to discard its aging leadership and its Clintonism attitudes for younger leaders who pay more attention to the need for more economic growth in the nation's midsection where pride in America still reigns supreme.

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