Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mr. President, about Your Legacy
Dear Mr. President:
With 4 months to go in your term,  you are in North Carolina today.   You are there to protect your legacy by campaigning for Hillary Clinton,   your error (pardon heir) apparent.
A few hours ago, James Tomey,  FBI Director,  after excoriating her for “careless “ handling of her e-mail  accounts, exonerated her from criminal charges because of lack of intent to do harm to U.S. security.  I’m reminded of Hippocrates maxim, “First do no harm.”
Secretary Clinton will be a big part of your mixed legacy – the slowest recovery from a recession since World War II, abrupt withdrawal from 2 wars with gradual re-entry into both,  explosive growth of ISIS terrorism  around the planet,  doubling of national debts from $10 trillion to $20 trillion,  an unpopular health law  that lowered the rate of uninsured from 15% to 9% but failed to contain spending or raise quality.
As a consummate politician, with a gift for gab,  you will be able to explain  all of this.  You  will find some things to brag about and other things for which to blame  obstructionist Republicans. 
With 4 months to go,  I’m sure we can expect to see more of you  on the campaign trail  as you seek to defend your legacy.  With no more personal elections to lose,  it occurred to me you might try the following changes of pace to confound your opponents, confuse future historians, and  help the nation.
1.       Cut the U.S. corporate income tax from 35%, the highest in the world,  to 15% to make the U.S. more competitive and to prevent corporations from moving their  headquarters and employees abroad.
2.      Cease taxing U.S. corporations from double taxes,  from host countries and from the U.S for profits made in those countries. We are one of the few countries that does this.

3.      Lower the dramatically higher burden of regulations  you  have imposed, making starting a new business difficult  and reducing the rate of startup to a new low.

4.      Break out of your Valerie Jarrret White House bubble and talk openly with Republicans  about bipartisan solutions,  while confessing that government  is often the problem and not the solution and is notoriously bad at innovations and business management.

5.      Ackowledge  that ISIS is not a law and order problem, but an ideological war perpetrated by Ismalic extremists.

6.      Admit that global warming cannot be prevented by outlawing fossil fuels,  that America  is the Saudi Arabia of coal, which can be scrubbed and put to good use, and that fracking with natural gas production will always be more efficient and less costly.

7.      Stop  portraying America as a neo-colonial superpower bent on exploiting and occupying  developing countries for profit.

8.     Redefine compassion as a robust growing economy lifting all boats not as government largess  redistributing income.

9.      Get off the backs of doctors and hospitals by mandating and rewarding and punishing those with and without electronic health records and second-guessing all treatments and procedures at the point of care by data and outcomes alone.

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