Wednesday, July 6, 2016

James Comey’s Whirling  Pivot
A whirling around on one foot.
Definition, Pivot
People who listened to FBI Director’s testimony on Hillary Clinton’s email are asking this question:
"How, after listing all the particulars Ms. Clinton did wrong for 14 minutes did he suddenly declare prosecutors had no criminal case the former Secretary of State?"

How could he whirl around on one foot and switch to the other foot?   
It strikes many  as a striking contradiction in terms – a statement or group of words  or ideas that are incompatible.
·         Excessively careless  but not criminally negligent
  • False statements on classification  versus obvious truths about classification

·         No  intent  to do harm  but  jeopardy to national to national security anyway

·         Signing documents not to do something but than going ahead and  doing it

·         Politics of personal gain against wordage of the law.
We may never know how to resolve these contradictions.  As Winston Churchill said of Russia,  “It’s a riddle wrapping in a mystery inside an enigma.”   Or, updated,  “It’s an oxymoron wrapped into a paradox  inside a forked tongue.”   Whatever it was,   President Obama and Ms Clinton probably  knew about  it before boarding Air Force One for North Carolina.
It is reminiscent of George Orwell’s maxim in Animal  Farm – “All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others.”   Or of mother’s  bittersweet advice to a son:  “Take your medicine, it’s good for you.”  Or of critics’ remarks on politicians of the opposing party:  “Deep down, they are shallow.”  “Or of environmentalists who forget to take out the garbage.”
It’s an example of the contradictions  of political language:  Issuing a statement  of making a presentation that contains two incompatible truths .    
Ms.  Clinton  obviously  never intended to harm national security but she thought personal control was more important than following mere laws governing others. 
She moves to the beat of a different drummer than ordinary mortals.   Secretary Clinton and her spokespersons are the whirling dervishes of American politics.  It's not what they say, it's what they meant.

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