Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What Is Gruberism?

Maybe it is Gruberism: the belief that everybody else is slightly dumber and less well-motivated than oneself, and therefore politics is more about manipulation than conservation.

David Brooks, “Obama in Winter” New York Times, November 17, 2014

Just what is this concept called Gruberism?

Well, to begin, it’s a tried and true neologism.

It’s getting done what needs to get done,

It's how the health law’s language was spun.

It’s being thought of as an objective outsider,

When you’re in reality a subjective insider.

It‘s conning the gullible public on this fact,

A tax on them isn’t a tax when it’s a tax.

It’s being called a detached analyst,

When you’re a biased political catalyst.

It’s believing you’re smarter than the herd,

After and above all, you’re an academic nerd.

It’s thinking your motives are nobler than most,

As you collect millions on healthcare.gov's gold coast.

Gruberism is a political hot potato.

It has become a media rotten tomato.

Gruberism was once a healthcare algorithm.

Now it is a leaking digital aneurysm.

It's being a former Democratic party hero,

Where now his recognition nears zero.

Gruberism is not knowing Gruber

When he turns out to be a party pooper.