Tuesday, November 4, 2014

TOVIP: What the Election Is All About

What’s it all about Alfie

Is is just the moment we live

What is it all about

When you sort it all out.

Song from 1966 Movie “Alfie”

President Obama is famous for proclaiming a “pivot” – to the economy, to jobs, to Asia. By my count he has announced more than 20 pivots during his presidency to matters that bring political benefit and away from those that don’t.

Fred Barnes, “A Most Pivotal Election,” WSJ, November 3, 2014

You won’t find TOVIP in the dictionary. I just coined it. TOVIP is “pivot” spelled backward. TOVIP is a reverse pivot, and it is what this election is all about.

Here are sixteen TOVIPs taking place this election day.

1. A TOVIP away from ObamaCare, and a TOVIP toward market-based care, with shopping across state lines, more price transparency, and more choices of doctors and health plans and more flexible methods of payment.

2. A TOVIP away from “social organizing”, with its emphasis on minorities and wealth redistribution and government regulations, to a stress on the middle class with more free enterprise with more economic growth with positive benefits for all.

3. A TOVIP away from big government with high taxes for the rich and American corporations to tax reform fro all with closing of loopholes.

4. A TOPIV away from equal outcomes for all, no matter what their contribution to society, to equal opportunity for all, based on their skills and contributions.

5. A TOPIV away from sheer rhetoric laced with promises to clear documented results.

6. A TOPIV away from unilateral executive actions to constitutional checks and balances.

7. A TOPIV aware from late administrative “surprises” over media reported scandals to oversight and management beforehand.

8. A TOPIV away from “one-size-fits-all” health benefits to the “right-size-for-each-individual."

9. A TOPIV away from losing wars to preventing and winning them.

10. A TOPIV away from soft “resets” with negative consequences to resolute actions without regrets.

11. A TOPIV away from a center-left, to a center-right nation.

12. A TOPIV away from an heavily regulated economy to a freedom-oriented innovative economy.

13. A TOPIV away from a war on women to peace-based gender-neutrality and equality.

14. A TOPIV away from energy dependent nation based on wind and sun fantasies and an electric care in every garage to a more realistic energy dependent nation relying on a balance of nuclear, natural gas-driven vehicles, oil pipelines, fracking, and oil exporting.

15. A TOPIV away from a foreign policy based and shame and weakness to a foreign policy based on pride and respect.

16. As for President Obama, he has no TOPIV planned (Carri Budoff Brown, "No Obama Pivot After Midterms," Politico, November 5, 2014.

In summary, TOPIVs are about the size and scope and actions of government. TOPIV is about constitutional law. TOPIV is about the security of the nation . TPIV is about managerial competence, military and economic strength, integrity, and honor.

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