Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Favorite 12 Sources of Health Reform Information

There is no accident in our source of reading.

Francois Mauriac (1995-1970), Memoires Interieures (1958)

You can tell a man’s bias by his sources, and what he picks from those sources. We are all creatures of habit. It is my habit to scan these 12 sources before I sit down to write a blog.

1. Real Clear Politics - This blog features a cross section of political opinion. I like its average of polls on Obama approval ratings, direction of country, and health care law popularity.

2. New England Journal of Medicine - I am lifetime subscriber. I read its “Perspective” section. Each weekly edition contains four to five "Perspective"articles, which generally support ObamaCare and reflect the views the Harvard academics.

3. Wall Street Journal - Most widely read newspaper. Conservative. Arch opponent of ObamaCare mostly because of its conservative ideology and its baleful effects on economy.

4. New York Times - Editorial board is fierce advocate of ObamaCare. Board’s comment today, “Republicans are not interested is improving the Affordable Care Act. They are bent on destruction” is typical. Other writers, like Robert Pear, are more balanced.

5. Grace Marie Turner, Galen Institute - Conservative, Opposes ObamaCare. Favors market-based approach. Writes for various publications.

6. - Calls himself “the social media’s leading voice. “ Internist. Blog features his opinion plus other physician’s comments and blogs, including mine.

7. The Health Care Blog - Comes out of San Francisco. Has many physician blogs. Tends to be liberal and supportive of managed competition as seen from left coast.

8. Kaiser Health News - A daily compilation of health care news from major news organizations. Also has longer reports by its editorial staff.

9. Health Leaders Media - Has solid editorial staff who write what health care leaders, often hospital based think. Also contains list of clickable articles on health issues from elsewhere.

10. Washington Post - Mix of articles, pro and con on ObamaCare, as seen from inside the Beltway. I am fond of reading Charles Krauthammer and George Will columns.

11. Fox News - Dominant Cable News TV channel. Source of hard news. Critical of Obama administration and ObamaCare.

12. Myself - Whatever comes into my head. Tends to be center-right, pro-democracy, pro-voter, pro-market driven and patient centered care, pro-physicians, and pro-innovation. As E.B. White said in Elements of Style, “All writing is communication. Creative writing is revelation – it is the Self escaping into the open. No writer remains incognito.”

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