Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ten Reasons ObamaCare Has Legs

If a story in the news has legs, it will continue for a long time.

Idiom, Has legs

Come November, will ObamaCare still have legs as a campaign issue?

Or will it fade in the background with the ISIS chaos in Iraq, beheading of an American journalist, racial tumult in Ferguson, Missouri, and immigration turmoil on the Mexican border.

My hunch is that it will still have legs.

For ten reasons.

1. It affects everybody, and its persistent disapproval rating has sunk to a low of 37%.

2. Big premium hikes are in the offing, and will be announced well before November.

3. It will become clear these premium hikes, which will vary from state to state, are due to income redistribution from the middle to the lower classes from the well to the sick, from the young to the older.

4. ObamaCare will be the central issue in a number of states with close Senate elections, where negative ObamaCare ads will dominate television.

5. Distrust in government has reached an all-time peak, and it is clear the Obama administration is fudging the roll out numbers.

6. It may be announced that 300,000 of those enrolled are not eligible for subsidies because the clumsy wording of the law.

7. People will be upset as they lose their doctors and hospitals because of narrowing of networks and failure of their plans to meet the law’s requirements, and many physicians will not accept Medicare, Medicaid, or health exchange patients.

8. The issue of an “imperial Obama presidency” will be much in the news, as he issues more executive orders and his critics point out he has single handedly changed the ACA on 24 separate occasions.

9. Pocketbook and employment issues will be the overriding issue in the campaign, and talk of ObamaCare harming job creation will be prevalent.

10. President Obama’s low job approval ratings and his perceived ineptness in foreign affairs will raise questions about his over-all competence and the validity of his signature domestic achievement, setting the stage for a possible wave election.

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