Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ten Most Vulnerable Senators in November

As always , victory finds hundred fathers but defeat is an orphan.

Count Galeeazzo Cian0 (1903-1944), The Ciano Diaries 1943-1944

As the November midterms approach, the ten most vulnerable of the 33 Senators among the 100 Senators up for re-election are.

1.John Walsh, D, Montana

2. Mark Pryor, D, Arkansas

3. Mary Landrieu, D, Louisiana

4. Kay Hagan, D, North Carolina

5. Mark Begich, D, Alaska

6. Mark Udall, D, Colorado

7. Al Franken, D, Minnesota

8. Jeff Merkley, D, Oregon

9. Jeanne Shaheen, D, New Hampshire

10. Mitch McConnell, R, Kentucky

Nine of 10 have a D next to their name.

They belong to the party voters blame,

For the lousy slow growing economy,

And lack of health care autonomy.

Democratic Senators are vulnerable.

They are being held accountable.

They may no longer be invincible.

The polls say people are miserable.

And ObamaCare is dysfunctional.

They may not the only orphans of defeat.

The GOP Senate leader may lose his seat.

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