Monday, August 11, 2014

Name and Blame Calling, Left and Right

From the Left on the Right

One of these words is not like the others (or maybe they’re all pretty much the same – you make the call): Loon, nutjob, crank, wingnut, whackjob, cuckoo, crackpot, dingbat, wacko, conservative.

Kyle Smith, writing in New York Post, Aug.10

From the Right on the Left

Egghead, snob, intellectual, ineffectual, effete, elite, all-knowing, know-it-all, above-it-all, geek, fruitcake, snow-flack, snow-job, highbrow, longhair, genius, rocket scientist, data-monger, policymaker, crony-capitalist, celebrity-chaser, socialist, left-winger, progressive, liberal.

Anonymous. Aug.11

You make the call.

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