Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Notable and Quotable, Selling Obamacare: Will It Ever Work? Peter Suderman|Jun. 24, 2013, Reason.com
“How many times must Obamacare be sold? In April, the Obama administration confirmed that it would spend another $8 million marketing the health law, following up on a $3 million marketing campaign from last fall. And last week,Time reported on new efforts to market the law to the young and healthy adults that are crucial to the law’s success. A TV ad has already been released, and Time’s report says that “at the White House, health care implementation has become an obsession.”
“The big problem? The law is unpopular, still. And “that unpopularity threatens one of the law’s most ambitious goals”—the stability and success of the health insurance exchanges that are the centerpiece of the law. The administration’s response to that problem looks rather like a government-run version of what you might expect from a beer company introducing a new product: social media campaigns, commercials, and partnership possibilities with professional sports. “
“Will it work? One never knows, but years of efforts by the administration and its allies to market the law haven’t worked before.”
“Before the law was passed, Democratic supporters insisted that opposition would fade quickly after it became law. ‘The minute the president signs the health care reform bill, approval will go up,’ Bill Clinton said in 2009. But it didn’t, not then, and not later. Indeed, with 43 percent of the public saying they have unfavorable views of the law, and just 35 percent saying they favor it, public opinion is less supportive of the law than when it passed in 2010.”
Tweet:  In view of Obamacare's continuning unpopularity,  will the $8 millon new sales compaign to re-sell it to the American public work?

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