Monday, June 3, 2013

Is There a Vixen in the White House?
The power to tax involves the power to destroy.
John Marshall (1733-1835),  first Supreme Court Justice

A vixen, for those of  you not in the know, is a female fox.   I use “vixen” to avoid using “fox” so as not to offend. In  liberal circles, after all,  to speak of “Fox” is to speak of the unspeakable, “Fox News.” 
It is Fox News that repeatedly spoke the dreaded word  “scandal” when speaking of the Benghazi killings, the Associated Press and Fox news reporter intrusions, the Kathleen Sibelius private funding raising for health exchanges, and of the IRS targeting of conservative groups with names containing the words, “Freedom, “ “Liberty,” “Patriot,: “Tea Party,” or “9/12.”
But, alas, the unspeakable is proving to be unimpeachable, causing 76% of Americans in recent poll to declare a Special Counsel is needed  to “get to the bottom of things.” These “scandals,” it seems, may have merit, or at the very least, raise a whole host of unanswered questions as to why, how, what, and when they came to be.
With respect to the IRS,  it has become crystal clear that the IRS, at multiple levels in multiple locations, knew of the targeting during two presidential election cycles and delayed or denied tax-exempt status to  conservative  groups while offering that status to liberal groups.   It is also clear that the IRS is a politically partisan organization,  at least their political action committee made 95% of their contributions to Democrats. 
Finally, it is fact that Sarah Hall Ingram was Commissioner of the Tax –Exempt Government-Entities Division from 2009-2012, the time frame in which the targeting of conservative groups took place. 
Ms. Ingram  has since been promoted to head the White House’s IRS unit focusing on Obamacare. . This unit will require 2137 new  IRS agents to collect tax penalties pursuant to the Individual Mandate. It will oversee the signing up of 32 million Medicaid and persons needing federal subsidies.  It will  supervise 47 new taxes, penalties, and mandates under Obamacare, said to be the largest set of tax law changes in 20 years.
Ingram’s new job and duties will almost surely evoke talk of the metaphor of the fox in the henhouse.  The hens presumably will be those people or organizations who oppose Obamacare.  The hens will certainly be there, for the clear majority of Americans in polls oppose Obamacare. They are in the hen house,  fearful of being plucked by the nation’s most powerful government agency.  I am confident this plucking will not occur, for President Obama has declared he is “angry” and “outraged” over the IRS scandal.

Tweet:   The  IRS unit enforcing Obamacare will be headed by the former Commissioner of Tax-Exempt Government Entities Division from 2009-2012.

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