Wednesday, June 26, 2013

E-Book,  Obamacare Implementation Trials and Troubles
It almost looks as if analysis were the third of those “impossible professions” in which one can be quite sure of unsatisfying results.  The other two, much older-established are the bringing up of children and the government of nations.
Sigmund Freud, MD (1856-1939)
I am engaged in composing an E-Book, soon to  available soon on, on the trials and troubles of Obamacare Implementation.  It is a hot subject right now because signups begin  in 100 days for Obamacare health exchanges and because it will be a central issue in the upcoming November 2014 elections.   The outcome of these events may determine whether the Affordable Care Act eventually succeeds or fails.
I will base my E-book on these previous Medinnovation blogs.

E-Book,  Obamacare Implementation,  Trials and Troubles

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For me, the central questions are: Will Obamacare survive, thrive, or improvise? 

I have a hunch it will survive but not thrive and will be full of improvisations, better known as compromises.  Some of these have already occurred, dropping of long term care provision, taxes on medical devices,  backing off of waivers for Obama allies, and the probable extinction of the Independent Payment Advisory Board.   

In my view,  Obamacare’s implantation troubles stem from:  its unipartisan,  arrogant, and clandestine  passage;  its writing of a 2700 page indecipherable bill because its compositon  by inside Beltway Congressional staff and lawyers;  its  expanding of Medicaid by sacrificing Medicare,   its deep cuts of hospitals and physicians,  its lack of clarity and obsessive secretiveness, its anti-small business and anti-physician attitudes,  its excessive bureaucratic regulations and costs,  its broken promises – lower costs, greater efficiencies, and better outcomes;   its over-reliance on data and EHRs as tools to make medical care more “scientific; ” its overlong four year introduction designed to mislead public on its costs;   its brazen attempt to completely and comprehensively restructure a system 70 years in he making rather than approaching it incrementally;  its one-size-fits-all  standardzation of all policies regardless of age, sex, and needs[ and  its contempt for market reforms such as health savings accounts.

Tweet:  I am working on a E-book, soon to be available on, which will detail trials and troubles of Obamacare implementation.



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