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Six Years of Medinnovation: 2500 Blogs,  Top-Ten All Time Hits
A hit, A very palpable hit.
Shakespeare (1564-1616), Hamlet
Hit hard, hit fast, hit often.
Admiral Frederick Halsey, Jr.(1882-1959), Formula for Waging War
October 7, 2012 -  This is my 2500th blog since November 2006.  My blog's tag line is “Where Health Reform, Medical Innovations, and Medical Practices Meet.”  My formula has been to lead off with a quote to illustrate  nothing is new under the sun, to hit the health care news  on reform and innovation hard and fast,  to make my posts brief, to write one post  daily, and to focus on practicing physicians – the guts,  hearts, and brains of the health system.   
Here are my top all time hits and tweets on these hits.
1)      Is Practice Fusions “Free” EHR for Real? May 23, 2011.   A new business model that has  ads pay for EHRs, facilates incentive  bonuses for installing EHRs,  makes Practice Fusion what it is, an EHR for 150,000 physicians.

2)      Interview with Richard “Buz” Cooper, M.D., Prophet of Physician Shortage and Challenger of Policymaker Assumptions,  A professor of medicine early on predicted physician shortage and said poverty, not doctors, was responsible for high health costs.

3)      Primary Care Revolt: Replace the RUC, April 17, 2011,   Reimbursement Update Committee, a code-setting organization, sets lower primary care reimbursement compared to specialists.

4)      Low Value of Primary Care in the Eyes of Patients, July 1, 2010,   For various and  unfortunate reasons our society and  culture has established a lower value for services of primary care physicians.
5)      Differences between Health Care and Medical Care, April 22,  2009,  Wonks talk of converting our “sickness system” to a “wellness system.” but  people go to doctors when they’re sick not when they’re well.

6)      Doctors Are in A Bad Mood, March 2, 2012, In a Doctor Company survey of 71,000 members, 5000 doctors who responded said they could not recommended medicine as a profession.

7)      Future of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), January 26, 2011,  “Re-engineering” health delivery system by forming ACOs may be underway, but first  you and hospital will need a a good lawyer and consultant.

8)      Comments on Evidence-Based Value (Outcomes/Cost), December 31, 2010.  In this blog, I express skepticism about value of judging physicians on basis of evidence-based data across the medical care spectrum.

9)      Why Doctors Don’t Like, Electronic Health Records, October 7. 2011,  EHR promises for  health care,  will remain promises until EHRs are more useful—in medical and economic terms—for doctors.

10)   Size Matters: Hospital Consolation with Physicians, May 27, 2012, Hospitals are reacting to reform by consolidating into bigger systems, employing more doctors, and negotiating higher costs.
Over the last month,  the top 5 hits have included.

1)      Physicians Foundation Survey of 630,000 Physicians, September 24, 2012, A national physician survey indicates massive loss of physician morale; 6 to 10 physicians would quit given the opportunity.

2)      Crisis in Confidence in Health System, September 17, 2012, Too much criticism, much of it unfounded, from policy and academics, has shaken confidence in health system.

3)      Hypertension, Home and Abroad, September 18, 2012,  The U.S. treats hypertension more effectively with better control and results than other nations.

4)      Clinical Innovation – Life-Long Screening- An Innovation the Public Wants and Will Pay for, March 3, 2007,  The public is willing to pay for screening of carotid,  aortic, and peripheral vascular disease in non-traditional settings such as churches.

5)      Clinical Innovation – 20 Innovations That Build Patient-Doctor Trust, December 21, 2006,  A score of proven clinical innovations are available to doctors who want to build trust with patients.
Tweet:  In this post,  I list , among 2500 Medinnovation posts I've written in the last 6 years,  the 10 biggest hits in last 10 years and in the last month.

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