Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Series of Little Books on Health Reform

Go little book, from this my solitude!
I cast thee on the waters – go they ways!
And if, as I believe, thy vein be good,
The world will find thee after many days.
Byron (1788-1824), Don Juan
October 20, 2012 -  I am contemplating writing a series of little books on health reform.  Each little book will contain material from 2500 blogs I have written over the last six years.  The purpose of the series will be instruct readers on positive and negative consequences of Obamacare. 
So far the little books I have in mind are on these subjects
·         Physicians,  Poetry, and Humor

·         The Physicians Foundation – A New Voice in American Culture

·         Undertanding American culture

·         Obamacare and its Consequences

·         Romneycare and its Promises

·         Medicare and Medicaid – the 800 Ton Gorillas

·         Patient-Centered Care – Its Intent and Implementation

·         Surveys of U.S. physicians – What One Million Physicians Think

·         Primary Care and Specialty Care -  Similarities and Differences

·         Book reviews on health reform – Everything Others Want You to Know

·         Accountable Care Organizations or Accountable Control Organizations

·         Medical innovation in the Era of Information Technologies

·         Malpractice and Tort Reform  - Caps,  Loser Pays, or Health Courts
Each little book will be 125 to 200 pages.   The charge for each book will be in the $15 range.   You may order them online through a credit card.
I have not written all of them yet because their contents will depend on who wins the presidential election and what the makeup of the House, Senate, and Governorships will be.  Why not one big book covering all these subjects?  Because I believe in explaining a complex adaptive subject like health reform by “chunking” – allowing a complex system to emerge out of links to simpler systems that work well and are capable of being explained indepently.
The tentative title for my series of books is A New Voice of Health Reform: the 3Rs- Rhyme, Rhetoric, and Reality. I shall emphasize reality, with side trips into rhyme and rhetoric.

Richard L. Reece, MD

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