Monday, October 1, 2012

Physicians As Proud Medical Professionals
I observe the Phisician with the same diligence as hee the disease.
John Donne (1572-1631), The Devotions, VI
October 1, 2102 - We are proud to be physicians.  We take pride in studying and working hard to become who we are.   We are proud to be licensed to diagnose, treat, prescribe, admit, perform procedures, pronounce, and even to cure disease.  We take pride in being part of society, but we do not control the politics and circumstances that define our role in society.
We are proud,   but we are realistic too.  We cannot reverse aging.  We cannot disabuse bodily abuse.  We cannot turn back atrophy induced by lack of activity.  We cannot compel people to stop smoking, drinking or eating excessively, or behaving overly aggressively.  All we can do is what we do – and to do it well.

Tweet:   Physicians are losing their sense of pride as professionals and feel powerless to control the politics and circumstances that define their role in society.

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