Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Supreme Court Ruling on Thursday
Thursday come, and the week is gone.
George Herbert (1503-1611)
Alas, regardless of their doom
The little victims play!

No sense have they of ills to come
Nor care beyond today.

Thomas Gray (1716-1771)
June 27, 2012  -   Tomorrow, Thursday,  is Decision Day  Whatever the Supreme Court decides, there will be plenty of apocylyptic doom and gloom, and promise of economic boom to go around.
Should it go down, Democrats will be full of doom and gloom.  Their signature domestic achievement will be in shreds.  However one tatters  it,  this would  be bad news for the November election. It would  leave them little to run on, and much to run away from. 
Yes, Obamanites could  blame Congress for obstructionism and the Supreme Court for partisanship.   But they can’t blame the American public, who will welcome news of judicial repeal. And they can’t  escape the colossal political  blunder of focusing on health reform rather than the economy.
As for the Republicans,  there will be cheers and spiking of the ball in the end zone. Perhaps the end zone should be called the start  zone.  For the GOP must now come up with a plan to move the ball up the reform field again.   For the GOP, the good news may well be another kind of spike – a spike in hiring  as the economic uncertainties of Obamacare disappear. But, alas, an economic recovery spike  in the 130 days before the election could favor Obama.
Should it be upheld.  Well, that’s another kettle of fish. Democrats will no doubt rejoice.  Republicans will pray for a political sweep in November and a second chance at repeal.
Should the decision be mixed, with turndown of the mandate and retention of other elements, that’s beyond the scope of this post.
Tweet:  Tomorrow the Supreme Court announces its decision on Obamacare which will be met with a mix of doom, gloom, and promise of an economic boom.

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