Saturday, June 30, 2012


June 30, 2012

Dear Medinnovation Readers:

HERE  in print and as an E-book,  is everything you ever wanted to know but never knew where to find to read about that labyrinthic conundrum known as the Affordable Care Act. 

It's a taxing proposition, to be sure, BUT  IT'S THE LAW OF THE LAND.
From its creator and perpetrator.

Timely, Provocative, Informative

A Roadmap for Health Reform to Date
The Health Reform Maze:A Blueprint for Physician Practice The Health Reform Maze: A Blueprint for Physician Practice by Richard L. Reece, MD

This book delivers comprehensive, but easy to read discussions concerning the uncertainty, the threat of lower reimbursements, and what practices can do in response to reform. The entry format allows the reader to even pick and choose from the sections without having to read straight through. Dr. Reece delivers a balanced (and less judgmental) overview of the reform. Because of its multiple points of view and various perspectives, it tells you everything you may want to know about health care reform but were afraid to ask.

Dr. Reece approaches the unclear issue from the patient and the physician perspectives while still managing to stay compelling, engaging, and even entertaining. This book, ideal for practice managers, physicians, medical directors, insurers, policy makers, and even business school and health manager programs alike, is a must-read when trying to tackle the questions surrounding health reform.

The book stresses that physicians and patients must work together more closely to build a more personal, patient-centered system without massive interventions by third parties.

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Ideal for Practice Managers, Physicians, Medical Directors
Insurers and Policy Makers
Part One:
Culture and Politics, the Reform Law, Costs and Demands, and Unforeseen ConsequencesPart Two:
Physicians, Hospitals, Patients, Access to Doctors, Medicare, Medicaid, Government Bureaucracy

Part Three:
Innovation, Electronic Health Records, the Internet and Social Media, and Miscellany

About the Author:

Richard L. Reece, MD, pathologist, writer, and editor, is former Editor-in-Chief of Minnesota Medicine and Physician Practice Options. He has written 10 books on the healthcare system. For the last four years, he has written a blog, medinnovationblog, which includes 1700 entries on healthcare innovation and reform. Dr. Reece stresses that physicians and patients must work together more closely to build a more personal, patient-centered system without massive interventions by third parties. Dr. Reece was educated at Duke University School of Medicine with postgraduate training at Hartford Hospital and had training at Harvard Business School.

  • "Healthcare Reform: an oxymoron that is almost impossible to understand. Dr. Richard Reece is making an effort to bring some semblance of understanding to this situation. He backs up his comments with statistics, facts, and his experience as a doctor." Neil Baum, M.D.

  • "Dick Reece is a prolific health writer with a keen sense of what is happening in the nation's healthcare sector. His firm grasp of these many important and complicated healthcare issue makes this book a must reading for all those interested in U.S. healthcare policy." Tim Norbeck, CEO The Physicians Foundation

  • "In the midst of the confusion and haze of the Affordable Care Act comes a book that peers behind the curtain to see what healthcare reform really means to doctors, patients, and our country. Dr. Reece has gathered his writings into a readable and sometimes humorous compilation of fact, fiction, and anecdote that helps us to understand the turmoil our healthcare system will be experiencing over the next decade. His blog entries trace the evolution of the new law and what people say, think, and may do about its octopus-like reach. I recommend this book to anyone interested in their own healthcare and our evolving healthcare system." Lou Goodman, PhD, CEO, Texas Medical Association
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