Thursday, June 28, 2012

Confusion: My Reaction to Supreme Court Ruling
Confusion hath made his masterpiece!
Shakespeare (1564-1616), MacBeth

June 28, 11AM -    My first reaction to the Supreme Court decision is confusion.  The ruling upholds the individual mandate as a tax,  but strikes  down the law as a vehicle for expanding Medicaid access in the states. 
The ruling is a victory for the Obama administration and a relief for Democrats.   It enhances Obama’s chances in November.   It is a challenge for Republicans, but it may energize their base into turning out in November to elect a President and Congress to repeal Obamacare.
It’s still too early to foretell  what it all means.
Here is what headlines in national newspapers say.
·         “Health Law Stands: Roberts Joins Majority Affirming Mandate, Victory for Obama, But Ruling Limits Medicaid Expansion” New York Times 

·         “Court Upholds Health Mandate as a Tax” JusticedsFind Fault with Medicaid Expansion” Wall Street Journal

·         “Court Upholds Obama Health Care Law,” USA Today.

·         “Supreme Court Upholds Health-Care Law: Says Mandate is Permissible Under Congress  Taxing Authority,” Washington Post

The ruling disappoints and confuses me for two reasons.  One, President Obama has said repeatedly the law was not a tax.  Two,  I thought the intent of the law was to expand access to care in the states via Medicaid expansion. 
The stage is now set for a vigorous debate between now and November, with sides takes their shots and offering their spin on Obamacare consequences. 
Let the people decide. Maybe they will help clear up the confusion.
Tweet: Supreme Court upholds the Individual Mandate but limits expansion of Medicaid in the States – a confusing and contradictory ruling.

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