Sunday, December 11, 2011

Health Reform Blogs, Fishes in the Sea, and Needles in Haystack

Findability is a term for the ease with information contained on a website can be found, both from outside the website (using search ) and by users already on the website.


December 11, 2011 - How hard is it to find something on health care reform or innovation on the Net?

It isn’t easy. Consider the number of results listed on Google for the Internet containing information on:

• Health care reform, 192 million

• Health care innovation, 5 million

• Health care findability, 800,000

Finding health reform Internet information is a little like finding a specific species of fish in the ocean (230,000 species at last count), or a needle in the Internet blog haystack (70 -100 million blogs and doubling every 6 months).

So how do you assess the “findability “ of your blog?

According to, you follow this formula.

One point for 5 keywords for your blog on first result page for top five major search engine blogs: Google, Yahoo!. Bing, Ask, and Aol.Search.

If, for example, the keywords for medinnovation were:

• Medinnovation/ehrs,

• Medinnovation/ health reform,

• Medinnovation/health innovation,

• Medinnovation/physicians,

• Medinnovation/hospitals,

Medinnovation would have 237 points.

According to, this would give Medinnovation a high rating.

Points Ratings

200+ Yes, Master!

100-199 Extraordinary

50-99 Target Zone

20-49 Good

0-19 Thank God,we found you!

Of course, by putting medinnovation in front of the subject matter of my blogs, I have stacked the odds in favor of finding my blog in the Internet haystack.

But so what? I only have one fish to fry, one fish in the Net, one fish in giant kettle of blogs, and one fish in the sea of the blogosphere.

In closing,

Needledum and Needledee

Agreed to tattle about the Internet battle!

For Needledum said Needledee

Has put his blog too high in the Blogosphere saddle.

To find how to find health reform information on EHRs, reform, innovation, physicians, and hospitals, read 12/11/11 medinnovation blog.