Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hip Implant Failures

The widespread failure of all-metal hips may cost taxpayers, insurers, and employers billions of dollars in coming years.

New York Times, “Hip Implants’ Common Failures Brings High Costs ,” by Barry Meier, December 28, 2011

December 28, 2011 - Today’s New York Times’ front page, left column , article on the failure of all-medal hips replacements is a cautionary-tale on the limits of technology.

Beware, the tale warns, what patients wish for and what medical device manufacturers and doctors deliver.

One-third of 250,000 hips replaced last year, and 500,000 of all hips implanted to date, are of the all-metal type. News of widespread failures of all-metal hip failures have set off a flurry of medical of more than 5000 lawsuits and complaints so far. with more surely to come.

The problem with these all-metal hips seems to be that the all-metal surfaces grind against one another, causing a shrapnel release of tiny metal parts which damage adjoin tissues and the joint itself.

With orthopedic surgeons,

It’s no longer pedal
to the metal.

It’s backing off from the all-metal hip joint,
No more can they to its use point or anoint.

All-metal hips have become an Achilles heel,
A non-fatal condition that does not heal.

Its past use puts them in a fettle,
With potential lawsuits to settle.

Tweet: Unexpected failures of all-metal hip implants will cost taxpayers, patients, employers, and orthopedic surgeons plenty.


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DePuy Asr Lawsuit is one of the cases that are filed in court due to the increasing number of dissatisfied patients. Complication have been seen after a few year of having the implants. Infection is highest after surgery.

DePuy Hip Recall said...

The alarming increase in number of defective hip replacement recipient has become quite a shock and that this need to be stopped which FDA made a good move by doing a DePuy hip recall.

DePuy Pinnacle Lawsuit said...

Yes, the all-metal hip implant is more dangerous because it releases chromium and cobalt ions when metals rub each other. As we all know cobalt is toxic to human body and therefore may cause a lot of complication.
Nice poem by the way. Lol!

Hip Replacement Hub said...

This is very informative, Thanks for sharing this blog about the hip implant. It is really disheartening to know about the number of patient's suffering from its defective implants. said...

Exactly the point! The citizens should be made aware of the dangers of these metal implants as they might have to shoulder the cost of damages with the taxes they pay. Great poetry too!

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It's a fact that there are a number of cases saying hip implants are the source of pain and sufferings among patients. There are still a lot of people who are enduring the pain of its complications they got even after a hip replacement due to the failure of these hip devices.