Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Physician Employment Trends

Interview with John McDaniel, President, CEO of Peak Performance Physicians

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"One, physicians who choose to remain in private practice, who do not change, who ride out the reform storm , and who will, in McDaniel’s opinion, suffer economically. The number of physician in private owned practices has dropped from 67% to less than 50% in the last five years."

"Two, physicians who say “To hell with it,” and who leave private practice for security as hospital employees. The number of physicians who fall into this category has increased from 22% to just under 50% in the last five years."

"Three, innovative risk-taking physicians who drop third party arrangements with managed care firms, Medicare, and Medicaid, and who enter into concierge or cash-only practices. The number of physician practices in this category is unknown, but McDaniel says their numbers are growing rapidly in his national practice, particularly among specialists, who are charging patients from $500 to $1000 a year for access."

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Isabella Fanado said...

The following is the last point McDaniel brings up when he discusses an intriguing trend in innovative physicians who are taking chances by starting practices that are concierge or cash-only. This group fearlessly separates itself from conventional third party relationships involving managed care corporations, Medicare and Medicaid programs. Even though the exact number of those practicing this way is unknown, McDaniel reports a steep rise with particularly rapid growth among specialists who charge between $500 and $1000 per annum for exclusive access to their services.

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