Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Greetings

Greetings to current and would-be readers of this blog.
I trust you do not and will not find my blog full of fog.
I try to write clearly for all of you physicians.
You often practice under difficult conditions.
Think of me as a your health reform guide dog.

Cheer up , you reform doubters,
You apocalyptic shouters,
The sky will not fall,
I have no doubt at all,
Voters will sort out the folderol.

Take good care of your patients,
Cement your personal relations,
And everything will be all right,
As surely as dawn follows night.
That will resolve reform frustrations.

Whatever you think of present state of health reform.
Whether it costs too much or should be the social norm,
Remember Easter is a time to be charitable,
Towards the poor, the sick, and the rehabitable.
Even if towards burdensome laws you have to conform.

Remember the words of Nelson Mandela,
That great man and overall fine fella.
“We are human only through the humanity of others.”
Under our different skin colors , we are all brothers.

All under the same human umbrella.

Richard L. Reece, MD is author of Voices of Health Reform (2005), Innovation-Driven Health Care (2007). Obama, Doctors, and Health Reform (2009), and 1266 Medinnovation blogs. He invites you to visit his blog and to comment on its contents.

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