Sunday, April 11, 2010

Medinnovation Interviews for April

I want this blog to be an outlet for innovators. I believe grassroots innovation is an effective way out of the health reform swamp. Often, however, innovators have a hard time finding venues to clearly express their ideas and to tell their stories. Keep in mind innovations come draped in all sorts of clothing – technological, social, and organizational.

If you believe you have something innovative to contribute to improve the health system and if you would like to have your print interview appear in this blog, call me at 860-395-1501 or email me at to learn how to qualify for the interview and what the interview entails.

You will have my permission to use the interview as you see fit.

You may be unaware that over the years, I have conducted over 300 interviews with leading health care thought leaders. Forty two of these interviews formed the basis of my 2005 book Voices of Health Reform, and twelve interviews are now appearing in Finally, my book Innovation-Driven Health Care: 34 Key Concepts for Transformation (2007), contains a number of interviews.

For the remainder of April, I will be featuring interviews with innovative leaders.
In my previous two blogs, I printed interviews with Rebecca Ione, founder of Project Health, a social innovation where-in her non-profit organization recruits college volunteers, many of them pre-med, to help poor families with sick kids connect to community resources for food, housing, job training, and health care transportation; and Tom Coburn, MD, Republican Senator from Oklahoma, a political innovator who believes in the fundamental power of markets to health health care wounds and empower doctors and patients.

I am open to suggestions of other innovators I might interview. Please indicate their names either by email, by phone 860-395-1501, or by comments on this blog.
Richard L. Reece, MD

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