Wednesday, April 28, 2010 - A 24/7 Website Physicians Can Wake Up To

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News is breaking fast on multiple health reform fronts in Washington and elsewhere. So fast we physicians cannot keep up with it. Newspapers, physician print publications, physician social networking sites, TV networks, Internet bloggers, and scattered online sites cover the health care landscape in general. However, these media outlets do not focus specifically on the impact of fast-breaking news developments on physicians in small practices who deliver 80% of the care in the United States.

Physicians may need an analogue of If you are unaware of, it is a 24/7 online Washington-based publication devoted entirely to insider political information from insider sources on what’s happening in D.C., short for “Darkness and Confusion.”

Some of this information is gossip, some of it is rumor, some of it is trivia, some of it is fact, and some of is a forerunner of trends to come.

The 24/7 Politico Playbook

The most widely read column in is “The 24/7 Politico Playbook.” Its author is Mike Allen, a journeyman reporter who spends his waking hours communicating, collecting, and consolidating late-breaking information from his extensive insider network of informed sources and translating it into a 4AM email news blast.

The April 25 New York Times Sunday Magazine cover ran a piece on Allen “The Insider’s Insider: Mike Allen and the Politico-ization of Washington.” Each morning, the article says, Allen writes his column and at 4AM sends out an email blast to 3000 influential readers. The Sunday New York Times Magazine article claims the White House staff and other Washington insiders read Allen’s words the first thing each morning before all else. It is like an early morning political Gospel reading.
Health Care Online Sites.

Nothing Comparable in Physician World

The physician world has nothing comparable to, although a number of daily online sites exist that talk about health care in general. My favorites are the WSJ Health Blog, The Health Care Blog,,, and Real Clear Politics features, among other things, a daily health care poll on approval and disapproval of Obama’s health plan.
A few online sites, like,, and modernmedicine. com, address the concerns of private independent physicians.

Other sites, which I call Lone Ranger physician blogger sites, e.g..,, produce a blog a day on pieces of the health care puzzle. I am one of these blogger sloggers. I have composed 1302 blogs in the last three years on various aspects of the system.

Unfortunately, no one, including myself, has the time, intellect, technological know-how, political savvy, or insider sources to address all health system complexities or to acknowledge that American health care is a whirling Rubik’s Cube, with millions of interrelated, fast-moving parts, changeable institutions, and niche-seeking entrepreneurs, each with agendas, axes to grind, and oxen to gore., an online Web presence has taken 17 print publications and a number of national physician organizations under its online wing. Modern Medicine aggregates information for independent private physicians . It is rapidly evolving into a site where physicians can find almost everything they want to know about late-breaking and useful clinical, political, business, technological; and research information, including interviews with physician leaders and leading physician bloggers.

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