Friday, October 9, 2009

Draining the Sea of Red Ink and Reversing Rising Tides of Joblessness and the Uninsured

Alright, I’ll fess up.

I’m a sucker for the argument that President Obama, our political messiah, and the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize to boot, can, with one stroke of his staff, drain the sea of red ink and reverse the rising tides of joblessness, the uninsured, and federal debt, while restructuring the vast and expensive health care system.

Believe, and it shall be done. Hope, and it shall be changed.

All it takes are great thoughts, great hopes, and great aspirations of how great things could be.

Do not heed cynics like Wall Street Journal editors', who write of Obama's and the Democrats' showmanship, salesmanship, and history of fiancial irresponsibility. As we approach this pre-Columbus Day weekend. the Wall Street Journal editors wrote on October 9 of “The Greatest Show on Earth,”
to wit:

"Step right up, and hear of a new entitlement that cuts the budget."

"Washington spent the week waiting for the Congessional Budget office to roll in with its new health care bill, and what a carnival."

"Behold, a new $829 billion entitlement that will subsidize insurance for tens of millions of people – reduce deficits by $81 billion at the same time."

"In the next tent, see the mermaid and the two-headed cow."

"The irony is that the CBO’s guesstimate exposes the fraudulence and fiscal sleight-of-hand underlying the whole exercise. The bill creates massive new spending committments that will inevitably explode over time, and that is 'paid for' with huge tax increases plus phantom spending cuts that will never happen in practice.”

"The Baucus bill will spend $10.9 billion to eliminate Medicare cuts to physicians for 2010. But in 2011, the finance committee assumes physician Medicare fees will be reduced by 25%, with deeper cuts to come." If that is not sleight-of-hand, I do not know what is. Oh, well, the government giveth, and the gvoernment taketh away.

“Senate Finance votes next week, and no doubt this freak of political nature will pass amid fanfare and self-congratulation that the new entitlement will reduce deficits. Never mind that such a spectacle has never happened in the history of the republic. P.T. Barnum had nothing on this crowd.”

Ignore the cynics, ye men of great faith in government. Believe, and the sea shall be drained of red ink, and rising tides of joblessness and the uninsured shall be reversed, for Obama and his followers have spoken.

Dr. Richard Reece is author, blogger, speaker, and innovation and reform commentator. Dr. Reece’s latest book, Obama, Doctors, and Health Reform ( is available at,, and for $31.95 (hardcover), $21.95 (softcover), and $6.95 (electronic). For information on speaking fees and arrangements, call 860-395-1501.


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