Sunday, October 18, 2009

Democrats and Health Reform:The Enemy is Us." A Prose Poem

“I have met the enemy, and he is us.” Pogo’s words describe the health care fuss - a veritable food fight among blunderbusses. The issues are: What's the best direction? How do we prevent defection?

As of now, Democrats are blaming each other on how to find the right solution, on how to execute the health care revolution, on how to extend coverage and rein in costs, while avoiding grievous political losses, lifting premiums for the masses, raising taxes on the middle classes, offending their friends in labor, upsetting their favorite liberal neighbor, offering a public option, while saying with a straight face it’s not a government co-option, and in the process, possibly bringing down all of the House, and one-third of the Senate without looking like a louse.

Pogoscenti among Democrats are saying of their spats: there's desperation to the right of us, disaffection in the center of us, and disillusionment to the left of us. It comes down to open combat, about who in November 2010 is at-bat. It’s about Blue Dogs, against those in purple liberal Togs. It’s about taxing Cadillac plans, rather than the “rich” with money on their hands. In the end, it will be about settling disputes that loom, with a fellow named Obama in the room.

Dr. Richard Reece is author, blogger, speaker, and innovation and reform commentator. Dr. Reece’s latest book, Obama, Doctors, and Health Reform ( is available at,, and for $31.95 (hardcover), $21.95 (softcover), and $6.95 (electronic). For information on speaking fees and arrangements, call 860-395-1501.

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