Thursday, October 29, 2009

Democrat Health Reforms: Soak It To Them!

Soak the Rich, Tax all those making $250,00 or more and a surtax on individuals making over $500,000 and couples making over $1 million.

Soak the Young, by mandating them to pay the same premiums as the Old or else pay the Federal Piper in the form of the IRS.

Soak the Old, Medicare recipients, by cutting $500 billion in benefits over the next ten years.

Soak Business, by mandating them to cover all workers, or pay stiff fines.

Soak Holders of “Cadillac” health plans, more than 100 million Americans, many of hem union members, who pay more than $8,000 as individuals or $21,000 as families, by slapping an excise tax on them.

Soak Health Plans,
by forcing them to accept those with pre-existing illnesses, thereby driving up premium and threatening to remove their anti-trust exemptions.

Soak All Those Evil-Doers, Those Profit-Making Members of the “Medical Industrial Complex” by willy-nilly imposing high taxes on them.

Soak Entrepreneurs and Innovators, by strangling them with rules and regulations.

Soak States by burdening them with the uninsured and expanding Medicaid, which they cannot afford now.

Soak Doctors by fixing their Medicare pay at current levels for the next ten years.

Soak Medical Practices by punishing them by paying them less if they do not install unproven Electronic Medical Records.

Soak hospitals and doctors by introducing a public option that will ultimately pay them at Medicare rates, now 30% lower on average than private rates.

Soak busy primary care physicians who care for the chronically ill by cutting their pay if their expenses place them in the 90 percentile of Medicare expense generators.

Soak the Gullible by taxing and fining providers immediately but suspending benefits for the uninsured and the working poor and moderate income Americans until 2013.

Soak American taxpayers by saying by declaring that hypothetical savings from electronic medical records, prevention, comprehensive chronic disease coordination, and stamping out $60 billion from Medicare fraud and abuse, comparative research findings, and various payment reforms imposed by various “commissions” will make it possible to add “not one dime” to the federal budget even if historically the federal government has never saved a dime in entitlement programs.

Soak it to them!

Soak it to them in the name of “ greater affordability” and “increased access” even if many providers and middle class Americans won’t be able to afford higher premiums and doctors can't afford to do so or won’t be there or will decline to be there to provide the care.

Take it from this old bloke, when you set out to soak, do it in one fell swoop, do it with a loud political whoop, do it with mirrors, and smoke, and conceal it with protestations of good intentiones.

Soak it to them for the common good - and for our political power. Everybody has to make sacrifices for us, for we know what is good for you.

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