Thursday, February 1, 2007

Health care, general - What It's All About? Part 2. Part 1 appeared in January 11 blog

What is good health care all about?
It’s about giving health care consumers clout.
It’s about their role in putting disease to rout,
It’s about healthy behavior day in and day out.

It’s about the miracle of mature birth.
It’s about few resources and cure dearth.
It’s about diabetes and your girth.
It’s about easing your last days on earth.

It’s about caring for the sick, no matterwhat the cost.
It’s about financial red lines being always crossed.
It’s about wandering in the medical maze lost.
It’s about from specialist to specialist being tossed.

It’s about the overwhelmingly bottom-up U.S. society.
It’s about a vsst continent full of regional variety.
It’s about a nation caught up in health cost anxiety.
It’s about a people wary of HMOs and their notoriety

It’s about universal coverage – care for all
It’s about freedom and choice for all.
It’s about getting affordable care at the mall.
It’s about health care bills large and small.

It’s about the Piper, Medicare, calling the tune.
It’s about doctors doing what they want to do – and soon.
It’s about federal regulations being inopportune.
It’s about showing up at noon, and not being seen
until late afternoon.

It’s about government protecting patients’ health,
It’s about not letting sickness squander wealth.
It’s about patients taking better care of themselves,
It’s about consumers seeking care from top shelves.

It’s about the physician as navigator and mentor.
It’s about the evolving new role of the doctor.
It’s about the doctor being at the financial center.
It’s the doctor being for patients a cost dissenter.

It’s about searching for clinical simplicity.
It’s about always finding medical complexity.
It’s about quality’s concavities and convexities.
It’s about medicine’s inevitable perplexities.

It’s about that personal thing called individualism.
It’s about that abstract concept called collectivism,
It’s about what the elite call intellectualism.
It’s about, in the end, something called realism.

It’s about your doctor and that special person, you.
It’s about sickness, wellness, and your mutual view
It’s about relationships trusted and true.
It’s about partnerships with emotional glue.

It’s about all of us being in this together.
It’s about humanity being birds of a feather.
It’s about politics in good and bad weather.
It’s about competition and compassion together.

It’s about top-down centralized command and control.
It’s about managers counting the toll and calling the roll.
It’s about whether choices and competition are Americans' goal.
It’s about whether individual good is good for the whole.

It’s about the lack of an all encompassing system.
It’s about the lack of a central nervous brain stem.
It’s about the lack of infrastructure - a subsystem.
It’s about the lack of a rational health ecosystem.

These, dear friends, have been rhymes explaining the burning health care issue sof the day.

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