Monday, February 12, 2007

Colors of President’s Day, 2007

This year President’s Day is Black and Blue
That’s because of the Political Bruising
President Bush is taking from the War
Oh, I know the President would prefer
This Day be Red, White, and Blue
Or maybe even a Deep Sad Purple
Like Medals for the Dead and Wounded
But Purple is President Washington’s Day
Maybe the President prefers Blue and Gray,
To better reflect the Country’s Mood
But Blue and Gray is President Lincoln’s Day
After all, he kept the House United
Something President Bush has yet to do.
Even the President's Health Care Budget
Is seen by critics as Black and Blue,
Black for Democrats who want more,
Blue for Hospitals and Doctors,
Who thought they had more in store.
As for me, I wish Bush the very best
Until two years out when he can rest.

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