Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Blogging doggerel - - A Valentine Blog

A doctor found himself in a vise and in a bind.
He wanted to send readers an annual Valentine.
But he did not know what to say,
What affectionate note to convey,
Lest they label him out as out of his mind.

So the hapless blogger expressed this thought,
Bless you doctors who for patients have fought.
Keep up your good work.
Never from your duty shirk.
You do it for mankind, not for naught.

As an expression of affection for fellow physicians,
This may sound limp, too weak for real clinicians.
But let me assure you, it’s sincerely heartfelt,
Though it will surely not make your heart melt,
Still it fits, given adverse physician conditions.

Some of you today may be paranoid,
A negative condition you should avoid,
Patients out there still trust you,
To them you’re tried and true,
No one else can fill the vital void.

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